Maureen definitely has an "eye for style." She was able to take my small (9x9) office space and create an African Oasis. All the while keeping in mind that I work with young children, she designed for their interests as well as my needs: storage, lighting and desk space.
The result WOWED everyone who came into my office. I even had my suite mates bring their clients over, just to show them my office.
Maureen is creative, energetic, and a natural at what she does! I highly recommend her talents and company to everyone!!
Chris Schwan, CCC-SLP...President, Therapy Services, Inc.
“I feel like I’m on vacation in my own home…thanks! You are awesome!”
Jayne Venard Realtor/Homeowner
My name is Richard Meitz and I have been a licensed realtor in Arizona since 1991. I have used My Eye for Style for over three years. Maureen Myles, the owner and professional stager, has done an excellent job for me on every listing that she has staged. I am extremely happy with the quality of service she provides, her professionalism with my clients, and the ultimate end result, THE HOMES SELL!
I can tell you that in each instance that I have called Maureen in to stage a home, the property has sold if priced at its true value in the marketplace. The realtor feedback has been excellent, and the client feedback has been ever better. She has ended up staging some of my clients’ relatives homes, even though they were not for sale, after seeing what can be done if you know what you are doing. Maureen definitely knows what she’s doing and has an “eye for style!”
I highly recommend My Eye for Style and its owner Maureen Myles and will continue using her services as a professional stager on each and every one of my listings.
Richard Meitz
RE/MAX Achievers


Maureen is extremely talented!  We had remodeled our backyard, but had no idea how to decorate it.  Maureen met with me to check out the backyard and within a week she had built a budget, purchased all of the items and staged them!  This was just in time for my daughter's birthday party!  I was even traveling that week and she sent me pictures to make sure it was what I was envisioning.  After she spent 1/2 a day staging it, she offered to meet me at the store to find a few more accessories.  If you want someone responsible, responsive and great at what they Maureen!
Wendy S., Homeowner